Client Stories

Guiding You Through CMP

Attending the CMP Boot Camp in Orlando, Florida taught by Joanne Dennison was beyond helpful…Joanne has an amazing way of taking a difficult topic and giving you real life examples that make it stick in your head forever. Having a difficult time remembering the different food services such as American, French and Russian? Well I assure you will never forget it after you attend this boot camp. I would highly recommend someone take this class before they even begin studying for the exam. They will learn how to focus their time effectively and appropriately.

Working with Joanne one on one was priceless…I wish that all potential CMP’s had the opportunity to take Joanne’s CMP Boot Camp before taking the exam. This session has so much information to share with all levels of the industry.

– Trina Avalos, CMP

Guiding Your Group

I was lucky to have worked with Joanne as she conducted a great program for SGMP NATCAP on Copyright Issues. She had the crowd’s attention and from the session I was able to use her tools and techniques for my current position. Joanne is a great speaker to work with.

– Quinn Bruster, CGMP

Guiding Your Career

Joanne is one of my mentors in the meeting planning industry. Joanne was my CMP Study group instructor (2003). Joanne guided me so much to gain my CMP designation. I reach out to Joanne whenever I need an advice or guidance on any type of meeting management issues I some time run in to. She always helps with me without hesitation and sometimes goes above and beyond by directing me to the right place.

Joanne also has a great eye for the best talent. She has recommended several planners to us in the past.

Joanne is someone I look up to in the industry (past president of MPI) and admire. She has tremendous talent and a whole lot of experience. Anyone trying to take your CMP exam make sure to contact Joanne as she is the best.

– Saira Banu Kianes, CMP

Joanne’s experience as a business owner and as an educator give her a unique perspective on how to get the most out of meetings. Her down-to-earth yet creative viewpoint makes meetings she designs effective and memorable. I’ve worked with Joanne for several years in various capacities and under some challenging circumstances. I look forward to the next opportunity to work with her.

– JoAnn Mitchell, CMP